vanilla extract


Vanilla comes from the cured seed orchid pods of the vanilla orchid.
It’s the only one edible fruit of the whole family.
Here are the most common types according to their origin:

Madagascar: dark, full bodied, rummy with a hint of tobacco.
Bourbon: rich flavour, oily, thick skin. Strong vanilla aroma and fruity profile. Excellent for baking
Mexico: country of origin of vanilla. Similar to Bourbon but with better quality and a wood fragrance.
Tahiti: aromatic type, with a scent of liquorice and fig.
India: wide pods, rich in oil and wood fragrances.
Papua New Guinea: delicate and delicious with chocolate, red wine and tea.
Indonesia: scent of plum, super in marmalades and cakes.
Tonga: grows on volcanic grounds

The pod you find on the plant has no perfume as that typical perfume comes from a long work which accounts for the high price of vanilla.
Nevertheless, you can make your own vanilla extract at home for a lower price.
It is very simple: it only takes time to ripen.

3 vanilla pods, cut lengthways
1 cup good quality vodka (possibly organic)

Sterilize a jar (the type used for marmalade) and soak the pods into the vodka.
Keep in a dark and cold place for 2-6 months.
The extract is ready for use after 8 weeks.