the unknown pleasure of sprouting


Sprouting seeds and legumes is easier and cheaper than you think.
They are rich in vitamins, essential aminoacids, omega 3.
All you need is a basic series of tools and a few things to do: a glass jar, a cloth and a rubber band to seal.
Yes, that is all!


Of course, if you have a sprouting-bag (that’s a truly great invention!) or a sprouter, everything will be even easier.

I recommend to start with easy seeds or legumes, such as mung beans or lentils.


(mung beans before soaking)


Soak the seeds in abundant water for one night; the next morning they’ll be swollen: this means they are ready to sprout.
Wash them well and pour into the jar: remember that they’ll double their volume.
Close the jar with the cloth, turn upside down and leave to rest in a dark space.
Wash them 2-3 times a day, as they must always be humid. You do not need to remove the lid: just let water run through.


(3 days later)

Around the third day, according to the seed type they’ll start to open and they’ll be ready to eat in a few days.
Once they reach the desired length, which varies from each seed type, wash them clean in a strainer.

(6 days later)

Dry them gently  to prevent getting rotten.
They will keep in the fridge in a glass container for about one week.
You can buy from a large selection of seeds and legumes which are ideal for sprouting, each with different colour and flavour and properties.
The choice is yours!