plant-based chef

I have been a travel agent first, and then an expert in building recording studios in my previous lives,  and even though I was quite happy with both my professional lives,  I soon felt  that neither was  my cup of tea.

I have always been fond of food and cooking, they are actually a  central part of my life and I consider myself a food lover.

This is the reason why I started cooking.

After my first attempts at home with family and friends I  finally realised that I wanted to become a chef as an adult.

I wanted the best education possible and so I attended the Mattew Kenney Academy  (now Plantlab)  the world most important plant based culinary school, where every year hundreds of students  are awarded certifications and diplomas.

Today I am the only Italian student to have acheived the Advanced Seal of the Academy

In 2013 I spent my time in Berlin working as a cook in the raw and vegan restaurant La Mano Verde and also at Veganz.

The following year I was asked in Spain precisely in Ibiza to open and start up  the Restaurant Wild Beets, than back to Italy in Bologna I have been a consultant for BotanicaLab in Bologna, and then in Arco for my friends the owners of the restaurant  Veganima; after that to Monaco for Eqvita Restaurant.

At present I am based in Mallorca, my new home.

I travel a lot, for love, for passion, I love meeting new cultures through their  culinary traditions looking for new inspiration and motivation.

During my travels I visit restaurants and I look for scents, feelings and ingredients.

Food is an exciting and new discovery day after day, dish after dis .

Maybe this is the reason why I do not own a restaurant, and I do not wish to open one.

I would not be able to stay still!!!!!

In all my activities I always try to pass on my knowledge to anyone who wishes to  put healthy and tasty recipes in their everyday diet:  when I cook in private houses, when I teach in my workshops and courses, in my consultancy activity to my colleagues whether vegan or not, in the hope to make more and more people start to consider the plant-based cuisine.

My cuisine is the union of light cooking techniques with raw food preparations, trying to get the best from both.

I believe a healthy diet to be the best way to protect our body from many diseases:  aren’t we what we eat after all?

But I am not a monk nor an ascetic, I do not follow any strict doctrine.

I love good food and I go crazy when I see a dish that looks good.

Coming last but nevertheless important is my  love  and rispect for the animals:  I do not eat them, nor exploit them in any way either.